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Inspects and certifies the entire organic production chain. If all requirements are met, the certificate can be issued and the organic logo can be used on certified products.

CEE 834/2007 - 889/2008 - Regulation of the European Community on organic farming

Organic certification for agricultural products, livestock, wild collection, resources for organic farming and honey according to the standards EU 834/2007 – EU 889/2008 for the European market.


Physalis Peruviana (orgánica y Convencional) It is a herbaceous plant that grows in the valleys of the Andes of Peru, it is known as a

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It is a tuber that grows naturally in the Andes of Peru, above 3900 meters above sea level, its origin dates back to pre-Inca times

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Amaranth – Kiwicha

Amaranth is a native grain, domesticated between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago, by the Incas in South America, who depended on the grain as a

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Quinoa: Golden Food of Peru

Cultivated for thousands of years, it is considered the sacred grain and “the mother of all grains” for its health benefits and nutritional characteristics. It

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