Maca Powder

Organic Product

Maca has been cultivated for over 2,000 years and currently is one of the most famous Andean products recognized worldwide as an incredible superfood. Peru has the best maca roots, which are known as the Inca fountain of youth. The benefits of Maca have been valued by many researchers and nutritionists. The root of this plant can be eaten in many ways, they can be added to meals or smoothies.

Presentations and Commercial Conditions:

Varieties : Maca Powder Gelatinized and Maca Powder Raw.
Types : Organic and Conventional.
Presentation : Carton Boxes of 20kg.
Documents : Certificate of Origin, certificate of quality and Certificate of Analysis (COA).
Analysis :Microbiological and heavy metals test.
Private Label Service : We offer custom-made products in different brands and presentations according client’s specification.

Maca promotes better hormonal balance in the body, promoting libido and stamina. This variety of maca stands out for having the highest concentration of phytonutrients. In addition, it increases energy levels and combats physical and mental fatigue and stress. Strengthens the immune system, stimulates the endocrine system, balances the diet avoiding malnutrition, increases resistance in athletes, promote mental clarity, also increases bone density, stimulates libido, gives more vitality and sexual energy and helps to lose weight. in a word, it stimulates all systems!
Maca Powder Gelatinized Maca Powder Raw
Availability : Whole year
Shelf Life : 24 months
MOQ : 01 pallet.
Packing Pieces per pallet: 40
Net Content: 20 kg
Kind of Packing: Carton Boxes

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