Organic Product

Amaranth seeds are similar to quinoa but smaller and higher in nutritional content.  Amaranth is generally considered a grain; however, due to its nutritional properties it has been classified as a pseudo cereal. One of its most important characteristics is that it DOES NOT CONTAIN GLUTEN. It has been considered as a superfood and has been named by the FAO as the “Best food of plant origin for human consumption”. Amaranth seeds are an excellent source of protein and it has a sweet nutty flavor, they are great ingredients in breakfast cereals, bakery products, cereal bars, muffins, muesli and pasta.

Presentations and Commercial Conditions:

Varieties : Amaranth Grain
Types : Organic and Conventional.
Presentation : Paper Bags of 25kg.
Documents : Certificate of Origin, certificate of quality and Certificate of Analysis (COA).
Analysis : Microbiological, pesticide, mycotoxins.
Private Label Service : We offer custom-made products in different brands and presentations according client’s specification.

Amaranth has an extraordinary nutritional value. It is rich in iron and calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals. The grain has a protein content of 12 to 17 percent and a high content of the essential amino acid lysine, which is not easily found in other cereals. Amaranth has a high fiber content and is low in saturated fats and sodium. We can list many attributes of amaranth; among them we have:
  • Helps prevent colon cancer.
  • Due to its high fiber content, it is recommended for people who are looking to stay in shape.
  • Helps control gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Reduces cholesterol level.
  • Helps control diseases such as: Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Obesity, Constipation, Renal Insufficiency and Celiac Disease.
  • Due to its high content of tryptophan, its consumption is recommended for people suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, schizophrenia, Asperger's and autism.
Availability : Whole year
Shelf Life : 24 months
MOQ : 01 pallet.
Packing Pieces per pallet: 30
Net Content: 25 kg
Kind of Packing: Paper Bags