Amaranth Flour

Organic Product

Amaranth grains were once considered a staple food in the Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations. Amaranth flour comes from the seeds of the amaranth plant. The flour is commonly used in cereals, pastas, pancakes, crackers, breads, cookies and other baked goods, and can be combined with other types of flours.

Presentations and Commercial Conditions:

Varieties : Amaranth Flour.
Types : Organic and Conventional.
Presentation : Paper Bags of 20kg.
Documents : Certificate of Origin, certificate of quality and Certificate of Analysis (COA).
Analysis : Microbiological, pesticide and mycotoxins.
Private Label Service : We offer custom-made products in different brands and presentations according client’s specification.

Amaranth flour is very high in protein, fiber and lysine (an essential amino acid). The grain is also high in phytosterols, which help prevent diseases. For gluten-sensitive or gluten-intolerant individuals, amaranth is a good flour with which to cook, since it is gluten-free. Amaranth contains more than a daily recommended value for manganese in a single serving (manganese is important for neurological health and brain function).
Availability : Whole year
Shelf Life : 24 months
MOQ : 01 pallet.
Packing Pieces per pallet: 30
Net Content: 20 kg
Kind of Packing: Paper Bags

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